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When it's so hot at your kid's soccer game that you wish you were watching from the car with the A/C on...

Cheering for a score.jpg

Make those games cooler with Canopy Breeze®!

Create your own backyard cabana by the pool!

Back Yard Cabana.jpg
No Fabric Gray Blade.jpg

Don't need shade?  Remove your canopy fabric and create an outdoor ceiling fan!


Bring a breeze to the campground with Canopy Breeze®!

Fan in Can w Top.jpg

Solid fabric canopy tops work fine with Canopy Breeze, but vented tops will pull more air.

High tech, high efficiency, built to last
Fan Motor.jpg

Super high efficiency permanent magnet  motor with sealed bearings insures strong, quiet operation, efficient power consumption and years of service.

Battery in Fan.jpg

Nine cell 12v lithium-ion battery incorporates the latest in battery technology to provide an extremely lightweight, long lasting power plant.  Canopy Breeze has a six-hour continuous run time on a single charge.

Bending Blade.jpg

Lightweight fan blades are made of non-breakable plastic to withstand years of tailgating and outdoor abuse.

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